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About us

A performance by Teater Baglandet speaks to your brain and your heart.

Our plays are physical, musical and universal.

Our aim is to create theatre which makes you reconsider the prejudices and perceptions which influence us humans at the cultural level.

We turn things on their head to make you stop and observe the enrichening relations and experiences you would otherwise have walked straight past.

We make you wiser in respect of yourself and your fellow human beings.


CIRCLE is a nonverbal fable about how we understand and recognize ourselves as part of a larger context. 

CIRCLE is a show that plays with the circular and shows exciting, poetic and funny stories about the endless cycles in nature, in everyday life, in objects and in animals. The idea of the performance is inspired by Rudolf Steiner's thinking and philosophical universe, both in content and selection of material. 

In a beautiful scenography that is slowly discovered, Sofie Pallesen experiences everyday miracles in a musical, non-verbal performance with lots of movement. CIRCLE is a performance about how we experience ourselves as part of the larger context.

A round element stands in the middle of the scene. It opens and a magical universe spreads out into the room.

The stories contain great simplicity and great complexity and will be able to be understood and experienced on several levels by the 2 to 6-year-olds. Movement with music, light, colors and facial expressions will appeal to the smallest, while the insight into the circuit and the big picture will speak to the older children. The universal and poetic beauty of the circular movement is the inspiration for the performance.

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