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A performance by Teater Baglandet speaks to your brain and your heart.

Our plays are physical, musical and universal.

Our aim is to create theatre which makes you reconsider the prejudices and perceptions which influence us humans at the cultural level.

We turn things on their head to make you stop and observe the enrichening relations and experiences you would otherwise have walked straight past.

We make you wiser in respect of yourself and your fellow human beings.


September 19, 2016


What happens when your  body explodes in a myriad of new thoughts, feelings and questions?

ABOUT being insecure and confused

ABOUT what boys don't know about girls and what girls don't ask boys about

ABOUT feeling all wrong and lonely even when you're with others

ABOUT all the exciting and wondrous things which happen when your body starts to bulge, and you suddenly look like your mother or get a voice like your father's

BODY AMOK                                

is about surviving the transformation from child to adult.

Young people are bombarded daily by the media with pictures of the ideal body,

the ideal job, the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend the ideal life.

If you are a famous and successful actor, pop idol or sports star, surely you must be beautiful, fit and happy?

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JUHU it's raining

September 05, 2016

Is it fun to brush your teeth?
Who decides whether you are cross?

Does fantasy tickle your toes?

... and does every cloud have a silver lining?

JUHU it's raining is a nonverbal performance for everyone wanting to be surprised by the unexpected magic of everyday life.

JUHU it's raining is a poetic comic bubble about everyday life where the sky is the limit to your fantasy. 


“Sofie Pallesen is an intense actor. But she is also an enthusiastic mimer. And she plays on her facial expressions and her expressive eyes - and her cheerful ability to create a fun body language with her slim body.”


“Sofie Pallesen created the finest magic out of an ordinary morning scene that really began with a duvet and a child who had no desire to get up.

Even as an adult spectator you finally felt the joyous child feeling running through puddles - and rain dripping on you. Juhu, I just say.” Anne Middelboe Christensen, Teateravisen 09-08-2015

Link video: click here

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